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Are you an entrepreneur that's tasted success before? Maybe it slipped out of your grasp, and you're not sure how to get it back?

Strive is your personal Board of Directors to hold you accountable, poke holes in your plan, and ensure your success. 

What's the Strive Accelerator All About?


I bet that you’ve always felt different than the people around you…💪


You might feel like you’re on this Earth to do something special 🌎


Well, let me reassure you, that if you feel this way…

Then you are here to have an IMPACT!


That also means that you’re destined for HUGE success.


At Strive, we know the formula for getting you to where you want to go…


The only problem? 🤔


It takes hard work…


You’re not scared of hard work, are you? 😱


I didn’t think so.


You might have tried working with business coaches and didn’t see the success you wanted to see…🤕


That’s because most business coaches are (sorry to say) there to make an income.


You were one of a thousand clients they were working with, and they couldn’t focus on you enough.


That’s not your fault…

Strive focuses on setting goals, and creating an environment to hold you accountable to achieving those goals…


We ran this 6-week trial early on in Strive to see if there was any merit to what we were creating…


One guy, Hunter L. wanted to save $12,000 through his business in six months


He accomplished his goal in only six WEEKS! 🙌


We focus so strongly on creating a culture of support in the organization, that a new person joining doesn’t have to worry about fitting in, or figuring out what to do…


We really focus on explaining our process in detail so that every new member feels like family for their first meeting.

When we first tested this idea of accountability, and goal-setting…


We all started out thinking, “Really, how much benefit can this really offer?” 🤔


We all went in with really low expectations…

We kind of thought…”Well, we can run this trial for six weeks, and if it doesn’t work out, then no big deal…”


By the end of that six week trial, when Hunter had raised the $12,000 he needed 5 months ahead of schedule, we all looked at ourselves, and exclaimed…”Maybe we’re on to something here!” 👏


From that point on, we’ve only seen more clarity and more achievement

At Strive, we’re not like traditional business networking groups...


I hate to be THAT guy...but I need to be honest with you. 😱


If all you’re looking for is just referrals to other businesses that can support you…


Then you’ve very much got the wrong group.


We don’t do referrals. There is no mandate to refer people to each other’s businesses in Strive.


We focus on making YOU a better version of yourself. 😎


We focus on getting you to focus on the ONE THING that you need to focus on to move your business forward.


We focus on getting you to become the best version of yourself…🔥


Maybe you’re the type of person that wants to have a cushy life where you just sit back and get referrals...or maybe you’re the type of person that wants to overcome challenges, grow mentally, emotionally, and in your business…


If you want to sit back, then this isn’t the group for you.

If you're willing to work for success, then click the link below to book a call with me to see if you're a fit.


Tired of not being understood by partners, family, or friends? Don't miss out on this opportunity to find your tribe.


Entrepreneurs are so dependent on their own habits, routines, and skills to succeed. Who better to learn from organically than fellow entrepreneurs?


Entrepreneurs often say that they wish they had a boss to hold them accountable. Well, you don't have to give up your freedom and the lifestyle you've can join Strive and let the group hold you accountable.


Erik H.

I knew my goals, I knew exactly what I needed to be doing to make my business grow, but doing it all on my own, I always found excuses to delay the "hard stuff." I needed accountability from peers and Strive has the exact framework I need to push me to the tasks that really impact my bottom line. It's had the biggest impact on my life this year.


Stephen C.

I really appreciate everything Strive is doing for me. Strive goes above and beyond to help with my business and personal life and has changed my life. I appreciate being allowed to be a part of something that is a MUST for men!


Todd S.

Strive means upgrading my inner circle with men that are willing to say what needs to be said, help you when you need it, and give to one another with the only outcome being that they want you to succeed. Having people like that in my life is only going to upgrade my life and business.

What Strive Is NOT

For Networking

If you just want to meet other people and not put in the work...this isn't for you.

To Pad A Resume

If you're just looking to add this to your resume, it's not for you.

No Vulnerability

If you're not willing to be open about your challenges this isn't for you.

About Fluff

We care about actionable ways to improve our business, relationships, and health.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking for your own personal Board of Directors? Fill in your info below to find out the next steps.

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